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The BLAST Workout

This vid shows some of the BLASTERS working it out in class. I created The BLAST Workout over a year ago and it is still changing lives and helping students achieve their fat loss goals! 3…2…1…BLAST!!

Hey there warriors!

I have been gone for a bit and now I am back.  I ended up rupturing my patella tendon on my left leg during a MMA Bootcamp training session back in October 26, 2011.  Let me tell you…that really sucked!!  But, I am 3 months post-op and doing my own rehab and I’m have about 80% of movement back.  It has been a difficult road, but my perseverance did not allow me to just sit and whine about it!  Okay, maybe I whined a little, but I shook it off and keep on doing what I do…TRAIN and TEACH!

Listen, obesity, diabetes and cancer is on the rise.  Does a healthy lifestyle help reduce the chances of developing some of these life altering events?  The answer is YES!  If working out 2 to 3 times a week help you live longer…then why doesn’t everyone workout and eat healthy?  Answer:  LAZY.

LAZY?  Yes.  We live in a world now where we can shop, watch, chat, email, learn, text, facebook, play online, etc… and all the gadgets that are out there also play a role!  No one goes outside and gets that much needed fresh air and SoCal sunshine.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me that thinks that everyone that is not on a healthy way of living just needs a kick in the pants!  “Come on now…get moving people.” 

Well, I just needed to say my piece.  Train safe everyone! 

Coach Tony

New Program!

Okay. So I have been running a new program for the last 9 months to see if it would take off, and it seems like it has. I call the program: The BLAST Workout. BLAST stand for Butt, Legs, Arms, Stomach Toning. A high energy fitness program that incorporates different training methodologies.  Well, the Summer months were a bit slow but now that school is back in session classes are filling up once again.  I have seen many changes in my clients bodies and well as their energy levels.  I am having a 100% success rate with my clients not only feeling the benefits of  The BLAST Workout, but seeing the changes physically!  When I have my clients coming up to me and saying that they ran into a long time friend that they have not seen in years and the friend ask them, “what are you doing?  You look amazing!”  That is HUGE!

Create your own video slideshow at

The BLAST Workout is no joke.  Can you survive The BLAST?  I will say this again, “do not expect to only come 1 month or 2 and get the results that you are looking for.  It takes commitment and the “want” to achieve your goals.  I have ladies that come to BLAST minimal 4 days a week…some show up and train 5 days a week!  You bet these are the clients that are seeing the best results from this program.  Listen, if you want to lose the weight and lose inches….then BLAST them away!   Hope to see you in class.

Link to my Betterfly

Tony Villalobos

Hey there. This link is to another social media site to help promote what it is that I do. Check it out! I also went to an awesome seminar this Sunday with Master Tom Callos and all I have to say is freakin’ cool! He is the Master of marketing. Thank you Sir!

Hey there fitness peeps! As I have been running my MMA Bootcamp now for awhile now, I have seen people of different fitness levels come and go. But, I can honestly say that the students that have stayed with the program are truly WARRIORS. Down deep inside of us all is a Will to be the best we can be, but people use all kinds of excuses that prevents them from reaching their fitness goal or a life goal.

MMA Bootcamp is for anyone (Pro to Joe) who wants to try something NEW and exciting. You all know how popular MMA has become today, so it only was a matter of time before the FITNESS side of MMA would hit the world by storm!

It is really simple, if you want to improve your health and live longer….then FITNESS is the key! Do something….anything….just get off your asses and unleash that WARRIOR that is within you!

Until the next time. Please make sure to check out and for programs and events that are happening right now. Train safe!

~ Coach T

Holiday Training…Why not?

“Are you up to the challenge?”


Hey there and welcome to my Holiday Blog. Well, it’s the month of December and with all the shopping, cooking, traveling, wrapping, eating and so on. I know how hard it is to stay on track with your fitness routine and goals! I love the fact that everyone gets ready to workout come January 1st! Gyms are crowded, people are running, walking or bike riding outside. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, why not just do little workouts here and there during this time! Maybe watch what you eat or drink. I know it’s hard when everyone around you is in the spirit of PARTY!! You can too, just in moderation.

I guess it is easier said then done, huh? Yeah – yeah, I know. All I can say is good luck and try to remember that even little workouts here and there are good to go and should help maintain what you have done for the year. A good rest for the body is good and should help you gain your goals for the New Year when you kick it back into high gear!

If you need ideas or motivation, just go to and check out to see what the workout is for that day or week! Doesn’t take much and is fun at that!! Well, time to go and shop, shop and shop!!

Happy Holidays,

Trainers Challenge Website

"Are you up for the challenge?"

If you have not heard, now you have. is the new fitness movement happening right now!  This is a portal for anyone that is looking for motivation in their fitness training.  Maybe you do not have access to a gym, trainer, classes or whatever the case is…now with our website, you will always have a workout challenge ready for you.  What is the Trainers Challenge of the Day?  Go to our site and find out!

Our site will also host a Trainers Listing, Affiliates page, Vids (that you can send to us for posting) and of course, our challenges.  The challenges are given by the chosen trainer of the day, week or month.  Whether Female or Male, they will set the challenge for you to complete!  Now, that is just one part of what Trainers Challenge is about!  We have a Trainers Listings page, with bio’s of every trainer that has become part of our network.  If you are a trainer or know of one, at the moment it is FREE to get listed!  Let us create a network of professional, passionate and certified trainers.  This is a great way for us all to become celebrity trainers…why not?

Also, we would like to become a portal for fitness related businesses to help promote their product or services.  If any business are out there that would like to get on our site right now, let us know ASAP!  We would like to help promote you!  This is the new fitness movement that is happening right now.  Do not be left out…we are growing and will continue to grow.  Let us all pitch in and get everyone back into a healthy lifestyle again!

Spread the word! “Are you up for the challenge?”


MMA Bootcamp Program

A new and exciting program that offers everything that a mixed martial artist is doing to get that “fighters physique.”  If you are a fan or a MMA practitioner or if you have never worked out, than this program is for you!  8 different workouts that target specific exercises for the entire body.  Everyone must go through a evaluation and be able to complete the evaluation to take part in the program.

Also, just so we are all on the same page…here is the info for this session:

Next session: October 6 thru October 30, 2010
Schedule: Wednesday – 6:30pm to 7:45pm

Saturday – 9am to 10:15am
Session Price: $197.00 (Cash, Check, Paypal)

All fees, measurements (if needed) will be completed by the start date.  No refunds!
Location: American Hapkido MMA – Moorpark, CA  93021
Attire: Comfortable workout clothing and shoes
Extra: Bring a towel and water

Please Rsvp on Facebook.   Please do not be late for workouts. We will be conducting a warm up and stretch along with giving out info regarding the program! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Coach Tony

Certified MMA Conditioning Coach

All right warriors! Here is the info:

What? 30 Day Total Percentage weight loss
Date? September 1 to September 30 2010
Cost? $50
Who ever loses the highest percentage of body weight wins the pot. Simple enough.
Rules: 1. All participants must be weighed and measured and a “Before” pic taken prior to 9/1/2010
2. No enhancement drugs! (Steriods, etc..)
3. Supplements are good to go.
4. If at any time within the 30 days you want to stop, let Coach Tony know and you will be DQed! No                  exceptions!!!
5. Just proper diet and exercise, only!
6. No refunds of monies.
7. You must consult your physician prior to this challenge! You are assuming all responsibilities and risks.
8. 30 Day limit. No exceptions.
9. $50 fee must be paid prior to 9/1/10

There you go! Any takers on this Challenge? Here is a list of who is on board:

1. Coach Tony
2. Craig (Katana-Fitness Client)
4. Big O (Coach Tonys Brother)

Also there is a couple more possibles. If you are interested and want in. Send me a message or call me at (805) 210-9029. Lets all of us motivate one another to achieve bragging rights and the ultimate prize…

This is just a quick blog to clear this up. MMA is strictly conditioning the body, not a fighting art or learning MMA techniques. How do fighters get themselves physically and mentally ready for a fight? MMA conditioning! The train there bodies to endure the punishments of 3 – five minute rounds and 5 – five minute rounds for championship bouts. Most fighters already come from training in their specific discipline (Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido or any combination.

The reason these athletes look for a conditioning coach is not to learn new fighting skills, but to enhance their physical abilities in the octagon. This is the main job of a conditioning coach. We take your strengths and enhance on them and take your weaknesses and help build these up to balance you out as a well rounded fighter. Also, a main purpose of a coach is to take any injuries and help strengthen and prevent injury to a fighter.

I hope this clears some questions or thoughts that any of you might of had as to what is a MMA Conditioning Coach. Train safe and always be prepared!

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