This is the Million dollar question. It really depends on your style of training and what are your strengths. I personally spend about 60% of my time on striking (punching and kicking) Why? Because striking takes superior technique. Think of when you are on a two point foundation, maybe even one foot. The precision and balance required to stay in combat is incredible. It takes years to be effective. With grappling, you have your shoulder blades, elbows, feet, back-many points of contact. It’s easier to stabilize, to get in the flow. A person can learn the basics of grappling in six months, but in kickboxing, it takes years.

Grappling with an opponent who’s skilled and competent can lead to fierce, seat-soaked training without the injuries. If you were to spar that hard with kicks and punches, you will be rocking each other and someone will get hurt, even with shin, foot, hand and head protection. Now that will limit your ability to train.

Well, there you go. What are your thoughts and feedback. I always remember this saying from my Master Instructor. He said, “Practice makes perfect…perfect practice makes permanent.”