"Are you up for the challenge?"

If you have not heard, now you have.  www.trainerschallenge.com is the new fitness movement happening right now!  This is a portal for anyone that is looking for motivation in their fitness training.  Maybe you do not have access to a gym, trainer, classes or whatever the case is…now with our website, you will always have a workout challenge ready for you.  What is the Trainers Challenge of the Day?  Go to our site and find out!

Our site will also host a Trainers Listing, Affiliates page, Vids (that you can send to us for posting) and of course, our challenges.  The challenges are given by the chosen trainer of the day, week or month.  Whether Female or Male, they will set the challenge for you to complete!  Now, that is just one part of what Trainers Challenge is about!  We have a Trainers Listings page, with bio’s of every trainer that has become part of our network.  If you are a trainer or know of one, at the moment it is FREE to get listed!  Let us create a network of professional, passionate and certified trainers.  This is a great way for us all to become celebrity trainers…why not?

Also, we would like to become a portal for fitness related businesses to help promote their product or services.  If any business are out there that would like to get on our site right now, let us know ASAP!  We would like to help promote you!  This is the new fitness movement that is happening right now.  Do not be left out…we are growing and will continue to grow.  Let us all pitch in and get everyone back into a healthy lifestyle again!

Spread the word!  trainerschallenge.com “Are you up for the challenge?”