“Are you up to the challenge?”


Hey there and welcome to my Holiday Blog. Well, it’s the month of December and with all the shopping, cooking, traveling, wrapping, eating and so on. I know how hard it is to stay on track with your fitness routine and goals! I love the fact that everyone gets ready to workout come January 1st! Gyms are crowded, people are running, walking or bike riding outside. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, why not just do little workouts here and there during this time! Maybe watch what you eat or drink. I know it’s hard when everyone around you is in the spirit of PARTY!! You can too, just in moderation.

I guess it is easier said then done, huh? Yeah – yeah, I know. All I can say is good luck and try to remember that even little workouts here and there are good to go and should help maintain what you have done for the year. A good rest for the body is good and should help you gain your goals for the New Year when you kick it back into high gear!

If you need ideas or motivation, just go to trainerschallenge.com and check out to see what the workout is for that day or week! Doesn’t take much and is fun at that!! Well, time to go and shop, shop and shop!!

Happy Holidays,