Okay. So I have been running a new program for the last 9 months to see if it would take off, and it seems like it has. I call the program: The BLAST Workout. BLAST stand for Butt, Legs, Arms, Stomach Toning. A high energy fitness program that incorporates different training methodologies.  Well, the Summer months were a bit slow but now that school is back in session classes are filling up once again.  I have seen many changes in my clients bodies and well as their energy levels.  I am having a 100% success rate with my clients not only feeling the benefits of  The BLAST Workout, but seeing the changes physically!  When I have my clients coming up to me and saying that they ran into a long time friend that they have not seen in years and the friend ask them, “what are you doing?  You look amazing!”  That is HUGE!


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The BLAST Workout is no joke.  Can you survive The BLAST?  I will say this again, “do not expect to only come 1 month or 2 and get the results that you are looking for.  It takes commitment and the “want” to achieve your goals.  I have ladies that come to BLAST minimal 4 days a week…some show up and train 5 days a week!  You bet these are the clients that are seeing the best results from this program.  Listen, if you want to lose the weight and lose inches….then BLAST them away!   Hope to see you in class.