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The Warriors path

Like many people, I started my martial arts journey. At 15, I decided to give Hapkido a try. I knew the moment that I did my first arm bar and crescent kick that I was going for the long haul. That was 26 years ago. I am now in my 40’s. This is the time when people, myself included, start wondering how things will end.

For some martial artists, there is no gray area. Their arts have a built-in-cut-off point. People who are into acrobatic styles like Wushu and Capoeira can do them at a high level only when they are young. Like gymnasts, as time goes by, they have to accept a reduced level of performance or give up their arts entirely.

Combative arts are similar. Some students continue doing them into middle age. But fighting is extremely hard on the body, and they perform at a lower level than most younger fighters.  Martial artist go from being at the upper limits of human athletic ability in their youth to working around chronic injuries as best they can in their 30’s.  They go from being the most feared fighters in sports to struggling against up-and-coming fighters.  When there are more injuries than ways to work around them, it’s time to quit.

People fall into two categories:  If the practitioner achieves goals that are purely technical, the martial artist might just melt away from their life.  The second category is composed of practitioners to whom the martial arts represent more than fighting skill.  To them, the arts remain compelling.  They give students a reason to continue into middle age, even if their ability is reduced by age.  What comes through is an ideal, a concept that’s larger than life and essentially timeless.  And that’s something no one needs to quit.

The warriors path is a hard one, but with determination and a healthy lifestyle, we can move forward in our journey of knowledge.  As martial artist, we must always continue to grow and gain knowledge.

Moorpark training facility


Well, where do I begin? I guess from the beginning. I am going to be blunt about this topic. You either want to train and make it happen or you don’t! My experience from people is that everyone “talks” about training, because everyone wants to take care of themselves and live a long and healthy life. But, there are obstacles that will keep you from this…and here they are:

1. No time
2. Injuries
3. Money
4. Kids

Listen, we all now that our economy is in the dumps at the moment, but think of it this way…they are saying that the increase in metabolic disease and other weight-related conditions could have a catastrophic toll on public health — and on the public pocket. If these predictions come to bear, they estimate that the additional overweight and obesity burden could add up to an extra $860 billion to $956 billion per year in health expenditures to treat these conditions. All told, this would mean that $1 in every $6 spent on health care would be spent as a result of the overweight and obesity.

If this doesn’t scare you….what the hell?! As Americans we can not let this happen. Bottom line, if you want to get healthy and fit you have to find the time, money and the will to do it. Each day you don’t help keep your body healthy, is each day that it is becoming weaker and more prone to injury and illness.

We all want the “hard body” that when people look at you they are in amazement! But, the plus side of training is keeping  your body in top shape and reducing the chance of you not being able to live the life you want for yourself and your family.

That is it for now. Take care my friends and any training is good training, g

Sandbag Get-Ups

et out there and be active! If you need motivation just give Topham Street Gym or Katana-Fitness a message or call and we will love to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Suspension Training

Okay, here is the scope. I am a firm believer that any type of fitness, martial art, sport or whatever type oh physical activity you do is good. Some are better than others, but they will all help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, the difference between MMA Conditioning and your Basic physical training is HUGE!

MMA Conditioning is sport specific! Anyone that is in a combative art need to have a Warriors fitness level. This is what separates the mere mortals from us WARRIORS! We know the importance of being the best we can be to become a truly lethal weapon. I am not saying that a average-joe can’t benefit from MMA Conditioning, I am saying if anybody or trainer thinks that it compares to what they are doing…I don’t think so! There is specific science that goes behind everything we do in MMA Conditioning.

Bottom line-you want to be in the best physical shape of your life…then you have to train as the best of the best train. Now can you find other fitness classes, bootcamps or activities, absolutely! But when it comes to sport specific training, as MMA Conditioning is, then you need to find someone who is certified in that field.

True warriors look for the best trainers and understand the commitment and sacrifice that goes with that! If you don’t understand what I am saying, then this blog is not for you. Get steppin and don’t look back, you just might get burned by the intense training that is going on!

Grappling or Striking?

This is the Million dollar question. It really depends on your style of training and what are your strengths. I personally spend about 60% of my time on striking (punching and kicking) Why? Because striking takes superior technique. Think of when you are on a two point foundation, maybe even one foot. The precision and balance required to stay in combat is incredible. It takes years to be effective. With grappling, you have your shoulder blades, elbows, feet, back-many points of contact. It’s easier to stabilize, to get in the flow. A person can learn the basics of grappling in six months, but in kickboxing, it takes years.

Grappling with an opponent who’s skilled and competent can lead to fierce, seat-soaked training without the injuries. If you were to spar that hard with kicks and punches, you will be rocking each other and someone will get hurt, even with shin, foot, hand and head protection. Now that will limit your ability to train.

Well, there you go. What are your thoughts and feedback. I always remember this saying from my Master Instructor. He said, “Practice makes perfect…perfect practice makes permanent.”

Hey everyone, just so we are all on the same page…here is the info for this event:

Date: June 19th 2010
Time: 7:30am to 8:45am
Cost: $20 (Very inexpensive)
Location: American Hapkido MMA
Attire: Comfortable workout clothing and shoes
Extra: Bring a towel and water

Please Rsvp on Facebook or just show up, but please do not be late. We will be conducting a warm up and workout along with giving out info regarding the program! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Hey there. I want to talk about this new “Era” of fitness that is taking over…BOOTCAMPS!! Yes, they are everywhere and they are here to stay. But the special thing about my MMA Bootcamp is the specificity in MMA drills and conditioning training. Using specific training techniques and methodologies, I have created a program that will challenge you both physically and mentally. During a MMA Bootcamp session (4 weeks long), you will see changes in your physical and mental well being. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a novice, my MMA Bootcamp is design to help you build strength and endurance which will help you achieve your fitness goals! I will say this, it will be challenging and it might push you to your limits, but you will complete the 4 weeks and feel great about it!! My intro class for this program is on June 19th at 7:30am to 8:45am. Check out my Facebook page under Katana-Fitness for info or just email me at

I hope to see many of you there! Bring a friend if you like and enjoy the experience together. That’s it for now! See you in class. – Coach Tony

So, the other day I was at Subway get a sandwich and I noticed and actually listened to what people were ordering and couldn’t believe my ears! What is healthy about a great sandwich and then topping it with cheese and mayo and extra mayo! Whew…my heart almost stopped! Come on….keep it healthy you guys! Some places actually have the fat grams and calorie intake posted….ummmm, pretty easy to judge what is healthy or not! I’m just voicing my concern on what people are still putting into their gas tanks. Remember, you would not put cheap unleaded gas into the gas tank of a Ferrari….would ya? Yeah, didn’t think so!!

Eat clean and stay healthy!!

Hello there!  I would like to mention a new and exciting program that is coming to Moorpark and its surrounding areas.  Katana-Fitness would like to promote its MMA Bootcamp!  This program will be one of a kind and will be strictly focusing on MMA/Bootcamp workouts.

Katana-Fitness will not fully be into fully swing until August 2010.  Official start date will be given out towards the end of July 2010.  Make sure to check out our Fan page on Facebook!  This introductory class will be held on June 19th 2010, at American Hapkido MMA in Moorpark.  Here is some additional info:

Time:  7:30am (Sharp) to 9:00am (Approx.)

Cost:  $20.00

Attire:  Workout/MMA clothing (bring water and towel)

Limit:   20 students


Now, a little bit of what this class is going to be covering.  First of all, the term “Bootcamp” is pretty much everywhere now in the fitness industry nowadays.   I have the honor of working with Backyard Bootcamp for the past 2 years and working closely with its owner, Leslie Maltz.  I have gained great insight, knowledge and experience working with this fantastic instructor!  I bring this knowledge, my 18 years of Martial Arts experience and my recent certification as a MMA Conditioning Coach under the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) under NESTA.  There is a science to the method of what this MMA Bootcamp will have to offer its clients.

A session of a MMA Bootcamp will be 4 weeks long at twice a week.  So, there will be 8 training days and 8 different workouts.  Each workout will be explained and each student will know what is expected of them for each training day.  But for this moment Katana-Fitness is offering, at a very low price, a intro class to help you get a feel and see the quality of instruction.  The cost has no obligation to sign-up, you can just try it and find out that it is not for you.  A small investment to see if you like what Katana-Fitness has to offer.  If this class is a success, there may be a couple more before our August 2010 start date.  If you attend each class, you will be ahead of the game!  You just might be given the call sign of “Team Leader”.

Whether you are a Pro, a Joe, an athlete, a novice or just maybe a big fan of the whole MMA explosion.  Katana-Fitness can help you achieve a fighters physique and conditioning levels!  Try it out and let me help you bring out the Warrior that is within you!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a message or find us on Facebook.

Thanks and train safe!

Okay look, I am asking a legit question. Where are the people that want to get ready for summer and get in the best physical conditioning shape?
If you want to jump start your summer fitness routine, then the perfect spot to go is Topham Street Gym! At TSG, Katana-Fitness has its MMAx class Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm! Get into a fighters fitness level without the danger of being hit or choked out.
Katana-Fitness is strictly conditioning drills. If you are looking for more of a “aggressive” approach to your training, then Katana-Fitness can help you with a one on one approach as well. Private training has its advantages, basically you will achieve your personal goals faster and much more personalized to your kinetic chain.
So if you are ready for a challenge, then let me know and lets get you ready for ROUND 1!! Ding…..”get it on!”

We know that with any type of repetitive movement while exercising, our joints are the ones that will suffer later. Training in joint locks, dynamic movements, dynamic kicking and punching, weight lifting, running, biking…pretty much any type of exercise. Arthritis, a debilitating inflammation of the joints, affects more than 46 million people in the United States, a number which is expected to increase to 67 million by the year 2030. To keep your inner framework healthy and happy, exercise at least five days a week using a combination of cardio and strength training activities, eat clean and stretch regularly. I believe that any type of physical training is the fountain of youth, so if you exercise you will feel younger and look younger also! Let’s get training people! Until next time….train safe!