All right warriors! Here is the info:

What? 30 Day Total Percentage weight loss
Date? September 1 to September 30 2010
Cost? $50
Who ever loses the highest percentage of body weight wins the pot. Simple enough.
Rules: 1. All participants must be weighed and measured and a “Before” pic taken prior to 9/1/2010
2. No enhancement drugs! (Steriods, etc..)
3. Supplements are good to go.
4. If at any time within the 30 days you want to stop, let Coach Tony know and you will be DQed! No                  exceptions!!!
5. Just proper diet and exercise, only!
6. No refunds of monies.
7. You must consult your physician prior to this challenge! You are assuming all responsibilities and risks.
8. 30 Day limit. No exceptions.
9. $50 fee must be paid prior to 9/1/10

There you go! Any takers on this Challenge? Here is a list of who is on board:

1. Coach Tony
2. Craig (Katana-Fitness Client)
4. Big O (Coach Tonys Brother)

Also there is a couple more possibles. If you are interested and want in. Send me a message or call me at (805) 210-9029. Lets all of us motivate one another to achieve bragging rights and the ultimate prize…