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All right warriors! Here is the info:

What? 30 Day Total Percentage weight loss
Date? September 1 to September 30 2010
Cost? $50
Who ever loses the highest percentage of body weight wins the pot. Simple enough.
Rules: 1. All participants must be weighed and measured and a “Before” pic taken prior to 9/1/2010
2. No enhancement drugs! (Steriods, etc..)
3. Supplements are good to go.
4. If at any time within the 30 days you want to stop, let Coach Tony know and you will be DQed! No                  exceptions!!!
5. Just proper diet and exercise, only!
6. No refunds of monies.
7. You must consult your physician prior to this challenge! You are assuming all responsibilities and risks.
8. 30 Day limit. No exceptions.
9. $50 fee must be paid prior to 9/1/10

There you go! Any takers on this Challenge? Here is a list of who is on board:

1. Coach Tony
2. Craig (Katana-Fitness Client)
4. Big O (Coach Tonys Brother)

Also there is a couple more possibles. If you are interested and want in. Send me a message or call me at (805) 210-9029. Lets all of us motivate one another to achieve bragging rights and the ultimate prize…


This is just a quick blog to clear this up. MMA is strictly conditioning the body, not a fighting art or learning MMA techniques. How do fighters get themselves physically and mentally ready for a fight? MMA conditioning! The train there bodies to endure the punishments of 3 – five minute rounds and 5 – five minute rounds for championship bouts. Most fighters already come from training in their specific discipline (Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido or any combination.

The reason these athletes look for a conditioning coach is not to learn new fighting skills, but to enhance their physical abilities in the octagon. This is the main job of a conditioning coach. We take your strengths and enhance on them and take your weaknesses and help build these up to balance you out as a well rounded fighter. Also, a main purpose of a coach is to take any injuries and help strengthen and prevent injury to a fighter.

I hope this clears some questions or thoughts that any of you might of had as to what is a MMA Conditioning Coach. Train safe and always be prepared!

Plyo Push-ups

Well, where do I begin? I guess from the beginning. I am going to be blunt about this topic. You either want to train and make it happen or you don’t! My experience from people is that everyone “talks” about training, because everyone wants to take care of themselves and live a long and healthy life. But, there are obstacles that will keep you from this…and here they are:

1. No time
2. Injuries
3. Money
4. Kids

Listen, we all now that our economy is in the dumps at the moment, but think of it this way…they are saying that the increase in metabolic disease and other weight-related conditions could have a catastrophic toll on public health — and on the public pocket. If these predictions come to bear, they estimate that the additional overweight and obesity burden could add up to an extra $860 billion to $956 billion per year in health expenditures to treat these conditions. All told, this would mean that $1 in every $6 spent on health care would be spent as a result of the overweight and obesity.

If this doesn’t scare you….what the hell?! As Americans we can not let this happen. Bottom line, if you want to get healthy and fit you have to find the time, money and the will to do it. Each day you don’t help keep your body healthy, is each day that it is becoming weaker and more prone to injury and illness.

We all want the “hard body” that when people look at you they are in amazement! But, the plus side of training is keeping  your body in top shape and reducing the chance of you not being able to live the life you want for yourself and your family.

That is it for now. Take care my friends and any training is good training, g

Sandbag Get-Ups

et out there and be active! If you need motivation just give Topham Street Gym or Katana-Fitness a message or call and we will love to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Grappling or Striking?

This is the Million dollar question. It really depends on your style of training and what are your strengths. I personally spend about 60% of my time on striking (punching and kicking) Why? Because striking takes superior technique. Think of when you are on a two point foundation, maybe even one foot. The precision and balance required to stay in combat is incredible. It takes years to be effective. With grappling, you have your shoulder blades, elbows, feet, back-many points of contact. It’s easier to stabilize, to get in the flow. A person can learn the basics of grappling in six months, but in kickboxing, it takes years.

Grappling with an opponent who’s skilled and competent can lead to fierce, seat-soaked training without the injuries. If you were to spar that hard with kicks and punches, you will be rocking each other and someone will get hurt, even with shin, foot, hand and head protection. Now that will limit your ability to train.

Well, there you go. What are your thoughts and feedback. I always remember this saying from my Master Instructor. He said, “Practice makes perfect…perfect practice makes permanent.”

Okay look, I am asking a legit question. Where are the people that want to get ready for summer and get in the best physical conditioning shape?
If you want to jump start your summer fitness routine, then the perfect spot to go is Topham Street Gym! At TSG, Katana-Fitness has its MMAx class Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm! Get into a fighters fitness level without the danger of being hit or choked out.
Katana-Fitness is strictly conditioning drills. If you are looking for more of a “aggressive” approach to your training, then Katana-Fitness can help you with a one on one approach as well. Private training has its advantages, basically you will achieve your personal goals faster and much more personalized to your kinetic chain.
So if you are ready for a challenge, then let me know and lets get you ready for ROUND 1!! Ding…..”get it on!”