Hey there everyone!  Yes yes….it’s that time again!  New Years Resolution time.  Okay, so what is everyone’s resolution this year?  Mine, you ask?  Well, to be kind to everyone who is a disrespecting asshole.  Yeah, you know who am talking about.  Those people who think they can  get away with stupid remarks.  Ummmm….I don’t think so.  But I am wanting to be kind and not so quick to get in they’re faces for doing so.  Anyhow….moving on to FITNESS resolutions, the one that everyone sets for themselves is….”to lose weight.”

So that brings me to say this, “if you don’t set one…you will not fail at it!”  I believe losing weight and staying fit should be a lifestyle and not something you go for at the beginning of the year.  I would say that 80% to 90% of people will get unmotivated and quit!  You have to remember one thing….how long did it take you to get where you are at physically?  But yet, everyone wants to get to their goal in 30 days, 60 days, maybe even 90 days.  You can achieve your goals, but it takes a great amount of dedication and will power.  It can be done.  Hell, I have done it!!

There are many gadgets, gizmo’s, supplements, fat burners, miracle juice…whatever it may be at this moment.  Nothing will get you there but you!  If you need help, go to trainerschallenge.com and complete the workouts of the day or week.  Get a trainer!  Trainers are there to keep you accountable and motivated…period!

It takes planning and help of friends and family.  What ever you do….do not give into the “Darkside!”  Stay on your plan.  If you need guidance, go to trainerschallenge.com and ask the Trainers for advice.  We are here to help!  So….what is your plan?  Get on it and DO IT!!!

Coach Tony

Coach Tony

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